YoJ Style Lab

YoJ was set up in 2010 between the white walls of the showroom-atelier of Laura Strambi in Milan.

Its style is ambitious and determined because the choice of a garment is an expression of personality, taste, style and functionality. And that’s not all. That of dressing or dreaming can also be an act of caring and awareness: towards the environment, its inhabitants and their future.

High quality outerwear, garments and accessories whose look is unmistakable, totally eco-sustainable and responsible, exclusively Made in Italy: this is YoJ.

A brand made up of people, so not perfect. We have made mistakes and will make others in the future, but we shall be constantly striving to improve. Step by step, with all our might.

YoJ's pink-grey and pallettes plus natural wool fluffy reversible garnment from the Fall Winter 2018-2019 YoJ's collection. Taken from the official lookbook. Cruelty free, stylish.

Fall-Winter 18/19

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Our model wearing a pink natural fluffy garnment from the Fall Winter 2018-2019 YoJ's collection. Loocation: urban. Cruelty free, stylish.

Feel #inYoJ

Supporting nature and people. Look some shots of our collection.

Carpet of leaves in the wood

For You, with JoY

Creations that spring from the heart. Discover Laura’s message for you.